lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

413. Take a vacation from the Internet.

I was on the lookout for guidance, any, in this bloody week of winds and storms here at the end of the Black Continent, and in my head.

So I ran into the '1001 rules for my unborn son' blog. I litterally stumbled on this one:

413. Take a vacation from the Internet.

Yes! I said.

This is what I am going to do. Because I need to. Because I am burn-out and the simplest things don't give me pleasure anymore, and I am not communicating but the ghost of what I am. It is a huge copy-paste of the things I was supposed to be/do.

So this will be an out-of-Internet non automatic reply:

Hi, I am officially on Internet holiday. For urgent matters that the outer World cannot sort without me, you will have all my attention on a tete-a-tete e-mail at sukun AT sukun DOT it

Will get back to this and other Internet things (facebook, website etc.) when I feel I have to.

At least to the end of October 2011